Dance Levels

All of our entry level classes are based on age groups unless otherwise specified

  • Creative Dance/Creative Ballet ages 3-5
  • Tippy Toe (Tap/Ballet) ages 4-6
  • Kinder - any student in kindergarten. Generally ages 5-6
  • Elementary - any student in elementary school. Generally ages 7-12
  • Level I - generally students aged 10+ or by placement
  • Level II-IV by placement/audition only
  • Teen/Adult - generally 13-Adult
  • Martial Arts - ages 5-Adult

Resources that explain dance styles:

So You Think You Can Dance: Explains Contemporary

Contemporary is probably the leading dance style of our time. It combines moves and technique of Jazz, Ballet and Modern and more to be a flexible dance style.

So You Think You Can Dance: Explains Ballet Dance

Traditional, technical, the foundation on which most other styles are built. 

So You Think You Can Dance: Explains Hip Hop

For those who want a more funky dance experience with chances for improvisation and self expression/stylization on their own terms. 

So You Think You Can Dance: Explains Jazz Dance

Jazz is built on ballet technique but has a sassier, more upbeat side to the execution of moves. It's not quite hip hop, but can be just as funky!

So You Think You Can Dance: Explain Tap Dance

Tap is a rhythm based dance style. Sounds of the feet are combined into patterns to form a Broadway to rhythmic show. 

What is Modern Dance

Modern dance was also derived from ballet but has a strict set of rules, influencers and history. It's movements are often more rigid in their flexed feet and grounded in the floor. 

Lyrical: Combines Jazz and Ballet technique. Choreographed to music with words and portrays a meaning/story behind or designed by the lyrics/emotion of the song. Is generally flowy, elongated and emotional.

Creative Dance/Creative Ballet: movement classes designed to teach the foundations of patterns, rhythm and locomotion through fun activities with the expectation that students are still learning their place in a classroom as well.

Side Barre ;)

Dance is an ever-developing and changing art form. As ballet developed into modern and jazz, and those developed into contemporary, the spectrum of what is what can at times seem blurred. Because of this, Modern/Contemporary classes or Lyrical/Contemporary classes may be combined on our schedules.