Meet the Board


Emily Price - Founder/President

Emily founded Charity Dance Project in 2014. She has been an active member for the past six seasons and is a strong advocate for community based programs and development.

Emily loves CDP because it gives people a reason to connect, helps others through self-betterment, makes dance accessible to everyone at no cost, builds community relations, and gives young artists a place to grow and experiment.

Emily’s favorite things outside of dance are her family, coffee, and La Hacienda.

Harold Qillaq

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Casey Younger - Digital Media Designer

Casey is honored to have been involved with CDP from the start. Watching its growth over the years has been both humbling and inspiring. Dance has a way of leaving an impression on everyone - dancers and audience members alike. Being able to make a positive difference in our community through the art of dance is a true gift.

Outside of CDP, Casey is a software developer, graphic designer, and dance teacher. Pretty much all of her free time is spent taking tap classes. Otherwise she is caring for / traveling with / loving life with her young daughter and husband.

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Emmorie Cannon - Board Member

Emmorie has participated in all 6 charity dance project shows, the last two as a dancer and choreographer. Emmorie loves the community outreach the CDP provides, as well as the ability to help others with her passion of dance. 

CDP has a special place in Emmorie’s heart because of the community surrounding it,  the selflessness that each participant has, and the ability for anyone to dance no matter the experience. 

Outside of dance Emmorie loves dogs, Thai food, and forensic documentaries 

Heather Smith - Secretary

Although she is not a dancer/choreographer, she helps in other ways with organization, planning, programs and backstage. She is honored to be part of CDP and what it stands for. Heather loves being able to help CDP to give back to the community. She loves to see the younger generations involved and take pride in their accomplishments to help others. We have some awesome youth and young adults with huge hearts. The hard work, dedication and resulting performance is truly inspiring.

Heather enjoys her family, grandchildren, a good cup of tea, and the Hallmark Movie Channel.

Laura Koty - Board Member

Laura has been a member of Charity Dance Project for six seasons as a dancer and more recently as a choreographer. She enjoys being involved with the community and supporting organizations that help individuals who are in need.

Laura loves Charity Dance Project because of its positive impact in the local community and its ability to bring people together. She also loves CDP because anyone can be involved, regardless of their dance experience. She appreciates any opportunity to be involved with an organization that promotes selflessness, kindness, and giving.

Outside of dance, Laura likes to read, exercise, watch "The Office," and spend time with her family.